Father Sergius

Father Sergius. Feature film based on the eponymous short novel by Leo Tolstoy.

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Genre: Drama
Logline: A hot-tempered and willful idealistic truth-seeker, on learning about the flaws of the people he adores, breaks with his hectic life in the heat of the moment and retreats to a monastery. However, the retirement does not save him from the vagaries of life: temptation, suffering, desires, lust, and pride force him to make a desperate step. 

Лев Николаевич Толстой


With the script based on the short novel by Leo Tolstoy, our intention is to:

- highlight the spiritual and moral values advocated in the great classic works of literature and prove that the younger generation can respect and appreciate the cultural heritage of Russia;

- answer the questions about the most intimate matters: search for the meaning of life, faith, and one’s mission. After all, spiritual search and the search for one’s true self are the matters that humanity has always been concerned about and that are growing even more important in the modern society.


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Webmoney: R416699450486
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Visa: 5469 3800 2558 2015


Budget: 40 million rubles
We have split the film into three parts: 1. Childhood; 2. Service to the Emperor; 3. Monastery
We are currently preparing for shooting the first part: "Childhood", with the budget of 2,8 million rubles.

399 000
raised out of 20 000 000

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  • Владимир Тихомиров

    Vladimir Tikhomirov


  • Мария Иванова

    Maria Ivanova


  • Алина Кушим

    Alina Kushim


  • Виктор Рыжов

    Viktor Rijov


  • Андрей Златопольский

    Andrew Zlatopolski


  • Светлана Демидкина

    Svetlana Demidkina

    Artist Director

  • Илья Пономарёв

    Ilya Ponomarev


  • Максим Дорохов

    Maxim Dorohov

    Operator Director

  • Наталия Русс

    Nataliya Russ

    Costume Designer

  • Екатерина Ивановская

    Ekaterina Ivanovskaya

    Costume Designer

  • Сергей Зубович

    Sergey Zubovich


  • Ян Минченко

    Yan Minchenko


  • Вадим Богданов

    Vadim Bogdanov


  • Андрей Добрычев

    Andrew Dobrichev

    pr, smm

  • Федор Алексеев

    Fedor Alekseev

    pr, smm